Hops and Grain Brewing

 MOST Saturdays
Sat: Noon till Burgers are gone

507 Calles St


(512) 689-6741

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Hands down best burger in Austin. Get the Tito Puente. You will not be disappointed. Chilies and melted cheese on top.
— Yelp Review
If you are at hops & grain brewery this is a must try while you are drinking.
— Yelp Review
I tried Kick Drum while I was having a couple beers at Hops and Grain. It’s incredible. The Moon Burger is sensational. Anyone who puts brie on a burger is fabulous in my book.
— Yelp Review
Also, they make their ketchup from scratch, so be sure to get some fries with your order.
— Yelp Review